Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Survey Results and A Few More Questions

Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey on some of the hot issues coming up in Annapolis.

There were a lot of good comments. The comments, along with the results (which are still updating with responses) are displayed here:
Below the results I am including a few more questions where I would like some input.  

Results (as of 3/1/15)

1. Should the speed limit on some state roads be raised from 65 MPH to 70 MPH?   
  Yes                         48.1%
   No                          39.3%
Undecided            12.6%

2. Should there be a long-term ban on fracking in Maryland?
  Yes                         80.7%
 No                          8.3%
Undecided            11.0%

3. Should the State mandate that Employers provide paid sick days for their Employees?     
  Yes                         86.1%
  No                           7.2%
Undecided             6.7%

4. Do you support a testing moratorium on state standardized testing for pre-K through 2nd grade?
  Yes                         64.1%
   No                            9.9%
Undecided            26.0%

5. Do you support a tax credit for corporations for giving donations to public and private schools?    
 Yes                         39.6%
  No                          36.8%
Undecided            23.6%

6. Do you support  'Right to Die' legislation?
 Yes                         80.4%
  No                          10.1%
Undecided              9.5%

7. Should there be a Special Election when an elected official leaves office?
 Yes                         52.5%
   No                           17.5%
Undecided             29.9%

8. Should police be mandated to wear body cameras?
  Yes                         69.3%
   No                          12.8%
Undecided            17.9%

9. Do you think the legislature should mandate that the school year starts after Labor Day? 
  Yes                         32.6%
   No                          41.6%
Undecided            25.8%

10. Do you think stores should be prohibited from distributing plastic bags and charge a 10-cent fee for paper bags?
 Yes                         56.7%
  No                          31.5%
Undecided            11.8%
More Questions:

1. Should the County allow liquor stores to sell beer, wine and liquor on Sundays? HB931

2.Should marijuana be legalized?  (This bill removes criminal penalties for the use and possession of marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia by individuals age 21 and older; legalizes the use, possession, sale, transportation, and cultivation of marijuana under specified circumstances; authorizes personal cultivation of marijuana plants in limited quantities;   and imposes an excise tax of $50 per ounce for marijuana flowers and $10 per ounce for marijuana leaves.)  HB911

3.Do you support the Pollinator Protection Act? (This would label nursery plants treated with toxic, bee-killing pesticides called neonicotinoids ("neonics") and restrict their consumer use.)   HB605

4.Should we raise the cigarette tax $1.00/per pack (from $2 to $3)? HB108

5.Should we allow ex-felons to vote while they are still on parole? Right now they can only vote after the get off probation.  For more information on this topic you can look at this link:  http://www.ncsl.org/research/elections-and-campaigns/felon-voting-rights.aspx HB980

Click here to complete the additional survey:https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/M7RL6VL