Friday, February 27, 2015

I Want To Know How You Feel On the Issues

While the main focus of the legislature is on Governor Hogan’s budget and what we can do to restore the funds he has cut for education and Medicaid reimbursement in Prince George’s County, there are a lot of other controversial issues, and I would like to know how you feel.

When you elected me you gave me the authority to vote on these issues, but it is often very helpful to find out what my constituents feel on a certain issue.  There are lots of issues are not very controversial and I have a good idea how people want me to vote but here are some of the issues where I  would like to know how you feel.  To let me know your answers, click on the survey link at the end of this legislative report, and fill out the survey.

If you would like to more about any of the bills, you can go to the MD General Assembly website  ( ) and look up the bill; or send me an email.  If you have a strong interest in any of these bills and want to know more about them, I encourage you to come to Annapolis and attend hearings. or watch them on line at the state legislative website.
  1. Do you think the speed limit should be raised on certain state roads from 65 MPH to 70 MPH?  SB44
  2. Should we ban fracking in Maryland?  HB449
  3. Do you support a tax credit for corporations for giving donations to public and private schools? HB487
  4. Should police be mandated to wear body cameras? HB308
  5. Should there be a special election when someone leaves office mid-term?  (Right now the candidate is appointed by the County Party’s Central Committee until the next regular election.) HB806
  6. Should employers with over 50 workers be required to provide paid sick days for employees? HB385
  7. Do you support “Right to Die” legislation?  (This would allow terminally ill patients above the age of 18 to request medication to end their life. The patients must have six months or less to live, and must provide oral and written consent from at least two doctors.) HB1021
  8. Do you think the legislature should mandate that the school year starts after Labor Day?  (Right now local school boards decide on the school calendar.  One County, Worcester [Ocean City], starts school after Labor Day. HB359
  9. Bag Bill – Do you think stores should be prohibited from distributing plastic disposable carryout bags to customers, and should be required to charge a 10-cent fee for each paper bag the store provides?  HB551
  10. Do you support a testing moratorium on all state standardized tests for pre-K through 2nd grade? HB1167

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