Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Survey Results

Survey Results

Thank you to all of those who filled out the survey.  Over 410 people completed the survey and here are the results!  There were lots of great comments. We really appreciate your input.

If you have not filled out the survey and would like to weigh in on any of the issues please click on the link at the end of the result summary. 

  1. Do you support increasing the minimum wage to $15/hour by 2023?
Yes:                            84%
No:                             10%
Not sure:                      6%

  1. Do you support “Death with Dignity” legislation? 
Yes:                         75%
No:                          11%
Not sure:                 14%

  1. Do you support putting the issue of the legalization of marijuana on the ballot?  
Yes:                          72%
No:                           17%
Not Sure:                  11%

  1. Should all the members of the Prince George’s County School Board be elected?
Yes:                           59%
No:                            13%
Not sure:                    28%

  1. Do you think Maryland should offer $3-5 billion in incentives to lure Amazon to Montgomery County?
Yes:                         18%
No:                           50%
Not sure:                  32%

  1. The legislature is debating increasing the renewable portfolio standard (RPS) from the current goal of 25% by 2020 to 50% by 2030 or 100% by 2035.
Current goal: (25% by 2020)     16%
50% by 2030                              36%
100% by 2035                            26%
Not sure:                                    22%

  1. Do you support the banning of marriage for people under 18 years of age? 
Yes                                            66%
No:                                            16%
Not sure:                                   18%

  1. Do you think it should be a traffic violation to stay in the passing lane in a three-lane highway other than when passing a slower car in the middle lane and returning to the middle lane?
Yes:                                           30%
No:                                            53%
Not sure:                                   17%

  1. Do you support legislation that prohibits keeping citizens in jail beyond their sentence if they do not have their immigration papers?
Yes:                                           67%
No:                                            15%
Not sure:                                   18%

  1. Do you support legislation that would allow a rape victim to terminate the parental rights of the attacker? (Last week the General Assembly voted unanimously to pass this legislation.  Governor Hogan has said he will sign the bill into law.)
Yes:                          95%
No:                             1%
Not sure:                    4%

  1. Do you support the construction of the high-speed MagLev train?
Yes:                          35%
No:                           33%
Not sure:                  32%

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