Friday, May 19, 2017

Filing Papers for Re-Election As A State Delegate

Filing Papers for Re-Election as a State Delegate

            Earlier this spring, Delegate Diana Fennel and I filed papers to run for re-election as State Delegates representing District 47A.  While the Democratic primary election is still over a year away, we want to let everyone know that we think we have been doing well working as a team and hope to represent the residents of District 47A for another 4 years.

            I believe I’ve done what you elected me to do: to be a voice for progressive values in the House of Delegates.  I have tried to get input from everybody (through surveys and newsletters) and to communicate to everyone what is happening in Annapolis.  I continue to walk the streets of every neighborhood in our district to tell you what I’m doing in Annapolis, find out what’s on your mind, and help with any problems you might be having. Expect to see me in your neighborhood!

            As you know, running for office requires both money and volunteers. If you would like to make a small donation, you can do that online at, or send a check to Friends of Jimmy Tarlau, 4213 34th St., Mount Rainier, MD 20712. If you’d like to help on our campaign as we get going later this year, please send me an email and we’ll put you to work.

Governor Hogan Signs 200 Bills

         Last week Governor Hogan signed 200 bills into law.  Among the 200  bills  were more than a dozen environmental bills. A few of those bills were:
          A bill broadening and extending an existing state program giving tax credits to buyers of qualified electric cars and to businesses that install charging stations
          A bill that would jump ­start a water pollution credits trading program  with up to $10 million on pollution reduction projects.
          A bill establishing a Maryland Energy Innovation Institute on the campus of the University of Maryland, College Park.
           A bill that directs the state Department of Agriculture to help farmers with research, education, technical assistance, and  to improve soil health on Maryland farms. Healthy soil captures carbon and reduces greenhouses gas emissions while producing crops with greater yields and more drought resistance.

            He also signed a bill to give the comptroller new power to seek arrest and search warrants against  preparers of fraudulent tax forms and individuals who file multiple returns under other people's names to collect their refunds.  This fraud has become an epidemic in recent years. The Comptroller has blocked $174 million in suspicious returns over the past decade but has been unable to bring the kinds of cases that would deter fraudulent filers

            He also signed Delegate Fennell’s bill that would take all unclaimed winnings at the casinos and use the funds for education instead of it going back to the casinos.
             The Governor vetoed a redistricting bill which would have enacted nonpartisan redistricting in the state if five nearby states also decided to do so.  Hogan believes that  a nonpartisan commission should be created to draw districts that more fairly represent the political leanings of a geographic area.  While I believe that this is a good idea I also feel that we should only do this if other states that  favor Republicans also do fair re-districting. I hope we can overturn the veto in the beginning of the next legislative session.

                We are all still waiting to see if he vetoes the paid sick leave legislation.  He has until the end of May to make that decision

Tax Credits for Seniors and Low-Income Families

Low-income Homeowners’ Property Tax Credit

Under this program, there’s a property tax break for people regardless of age who make less than $60,000 per year and have a net worth of less than $200,000  (not including retirement accounts or the value of your home). The amount of tax credit depends on how much property tax exceeds a certain percentage of your income. Call 800-944-7403 (Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation) for more information.

Accessibility Tax Credit 

There’s a tax credit for 50% of the cost of any permanent modifications to your home that help make the home more accessible (e.g., widening doors, installing ramps, etc.), up to $2,500.
Renters Tax Credit for Seniors and the Disabled 

If you rent and are over 60 or disabled, you may also be eligible for a tax credit. The tax credit requires that you make under $80,000 a year and have a net worth of less than $200,000 (including retirement accounts).  The amount of the tax credit depends on how high your rent is compared to your income. The Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation has a chart showing amounts and eligibility:'-Tax-Credits.aspx. You can call them at 800-944-7403 for more information.

Gateway Arts District Open Studios Tour

Sat May 13th – Noon to 4 PM

                  It’s one of my favorite days of the year: artists of the Gateway communities of Prince George’s County open their doors, and we get a glimpse of the vast creative energy around us.   The 13th annual Gateway Arts District Open Studios Tour features hundreds of artists and many galleries along the Rhode Island/Baltimore Ave. corridor, through Mount Rainier, Brentwood, North Brentwood, Hyattsville, and Edmonston. It's the region's largest open studio event and your best opportunity to meet local artists. Visitors and residents get to meet the artists and view the enormous range of art work (with plenty of refreshments served along the way). From Gateway’s website:

                  The Gateway Arts District is home to hundreds of artists representing every artistic medium. On this self-guided tour, you are invited to visit over 100 participating studios, galleries, and other cultural venues for a behind-the-scenes experience. All ages are welcome, and since there is SO much to do, we recommend you look ahead and plan your tour route in advance. Be sure to join us for the After Party from 5-8pm at the Gateway Arts Center!

                   The Tour map and more information are at  
Take Pride Festival – Sat May 13th Noon – 4 PM
            Northwestern High School, 7000 Adelphi Rd, Hyattsville
                        Sponsored by County Council Member Deni Taveras
                        Interactive games for kids
                        County information for residents
                        Taste of the Gateways.

Spaces Available in Summer Arts Education Programs at Joe's Movement Emporium in Mt Rainier

The Camp Joe's program serves children ages 4 - 13 with performing arts-based learning that is diverse, inclusive, and fun. Reasonable rates and financial aid available:

SAVE THE DATE – Tuesday, July 11th

My Midsummer Dinner Celebration

Please join me and

Congressman Anthony Brown
House Ways and Means Committee Chair Anne Kaiser
Senator Victor Ramirez
Delegates Diana Fennell and Carlo Sanchez

July 11, 6 to 8 pm
Three Brothers Italian Restaurant
4521 Kenilworth Ave., Bladensburg

Hear about my progress in Annapolis
Tell me about your concerns
Let me tell you about my plans for next year’s session
Meet your neighbors

$100 Supporter - $50 Friend
$5 for District 47 residents

Checks can be made out to: 
Friends of Jimmy Tarlau, 4213 34th Street, Mount Rainier, MD 20712