Sunday, February 19, 2017

Survey Results
         Over 420 responded to last week’s survey.  Thank you to all who responded.  If you have not completed the survey, you can fill it out by clicking on the link .  I will still be collecting the results.
  1. Should we ban fracking in Maryland or just extend the existing moratorium for two more years?  (HB 1325)
    1. Yes – 66%
    2. No  - 27%
    3. Other – 7%
  2. Do you support increasing the minimum wage to $15/hour by 2021? (HB 1416)
    1. Yes – 75%
    2. No – 15%
    3. Other – 10%
  3. Do you support legislation that would prevent local jurisdictions from raising the minimum wage above the state minimum wage? (HB 317)
    1. Yes – 15%
    2. No –   85%
  4. Do you support “Death with Dignity” legislation?  (This would allow terminally ill patients above the age of 18 to request medication to end their life. The patients must have six months or less to live, and must provide oral and written consent from at least two doctors.) (HB 370)
    1. Yes – 74%
    2. No –  22%
    3. Other – 4%
  5. Do you support bail bond legislation that eliminates the need for cash bail using a Pretrial Services assessment, when the defendant is not a flight risk, is not accused of a violent crime, and is not a danger to the community? (There are two different bills that propose similar measures, HB 1390 and HB 1218)
    1. Yes – 87%
    2. No – 8%
    3. Other – 5%
  6. Do you support putting the issue of the legalization of marijuana on the ballot?  (Allows an individual in the State who is at least 21 years old to use marijuana, possess up to 2 ounces of marijuana, and cultivate up to 6 marijuana plant) (HB 665)
    1. Yes – 66%
    2. No – 25%
    3. Other – 9%
  7. Should employers be required to provide paid sick days for employees?
    1. Yes – 79%
    2. No – 9%
    3. Other – 12%
  8. There are actually two bills on the issue of paid sick days.  The Administration has a bill which would only cover employers with 50 or more people. (HB 382)   Another bill introduced by Delegate Clippinger would cover employers with 15 or more employees. (HB 1) Which one is preferable?
    1. 15 People – 50%
    2. 50 People – 31%
    3. Other – 19%
  9. Do you support the expansion of vouchers from $5 million to $7 million to send disadvantaged students to private and parochial schools? [Included in the Governor’s budget.]
    1. Yes –   39%
    2. No –     44%
    3. Other – 17%
  10. Should all the members of the Prince George’s School Board be elected (currently, 9 out of 14 members are elected, and the remaining are appointed)? PG 402-17 [This is a local bill and does not have a state number yet – you can look it up on this ]
    1. Yes –   64%
    2. No –     19%
    3. Other – 17%
  11. Do you support the Maryland Trust Act? (HB 1362) [You can read more about it below]
    1. Yes –   74%
    2. No –     16%
    3. Other – 10%

General Assembly approves Resolution Giving the Attorney General More Power to Sue the Federal  Government

             The Maryland General Assembly approved a resolution that gives the Attorney General authority to take legal action against the federal government without having to first get permission from the governor.  The joint resolution allows the Attorney General to initiate a lawsuit against the federal government for a long list of action or inaction that the attorney general deems an infringement of Marylanders' rights to health care, civil liberties, economic security, environment, immigration or international travel  Attorney Generals in 41 other states already have the right to sue the federal government.  Because it is a Joint Resolution the action is not subject to a veto by the governor.

             Other states have mounted legal challenges to Trump's executive orders, including the ban on visitors from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Washington state successfully halted that ban with a lawsuit this month.  Attorney General Frosh had sought Hogan's permission to challenge the constitutionality of Trump's travel ban but the  governor had not responded to the request.

House of Delegates Approves A Bill that Would Prohibit Firearms on Maryland’s Public College Campuses

          The House of Delegates passed legislation which would prohibit firearms on Maryland’s public college campuses.  I voted for this bill.  It still has to be voted on by the Senate and signed by the Governor to become law.

        Across the county, 95% of college presidents support a gun ban on college campuses, 79% of college students would not feel safe with concealed guns on campus and 89% of campus police chiefs believe preventing guns from being on campus is the best practice.

       Overwhelming evidence shows that guns on campus do not deter sexual assault. 89% of campus sexual assaults involve drugs and alcohol—33.9% perpetrated by intimate partners. 11.4% of college students seriously consider committing suicide, and in Texas, a study found that concealed carry permit holders are 181% more likely to be arrested for weapon-related crimes.

District 47 Night in Annapolis
Monday March 13th from 6 PM -8 PM

       What's better than a night out in Annapolis? Join our District 47 Legislators in Annapolis on Monday March 13th; we've got your dinner plans and civic duty covered!

       Feel free to ask your elected officials about the local and state issues that you care about. Best of all, enjoy good food and great conversation with us.

RSVP at (301) 858-3745