Sunday, February 15, 2015

Scholarships Available

MD State Delegates have some money for Scholarships for 2015 - 2016

The Delegate Scholarship Program was enacted into law by the Maryland General Assembly in 1957. The Scholarship Program provides funds for enrollment in undergraduate, graduate or professional studies at approved colleges, universities and private career (or vocational) schools in the State of Maryland.

Who may apply: Current high school seniors and full-time or part-time, degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students. Students attending a private career school may also apply. You must live in District 47A to apply for my scholarship. Please go to to make sure I am one of the delegates for the applicant. Once you know who your delegates are, you can contact the General Assembly at 301-858-3000 to speak to someone in their office about their specific scholarship application. All majors are eligible. You must plan to attend a Maryland College, University or private career school. The private career school must have the approval of the Maryland Higher Education Commission. Applicants may be eligible for scholarship assistance to attend out-of-state colleges, universities or private career schools if they are enrolling in an academic program which is not offered in a Maryland college, university, or private career school (however, the Maryland Higher Education Commission must grant a “unique major” status for these applicants).

When to apply: Complete and file the FAFSA (Application For Financial Aid) by March 1, 2015. This form may be obtained from high school guidance counselors, in high school libraries, or from the Maryland Higher Education Commission, 6 N. Liberty St., Baltimore, MD 21201, Phone (410) 767-3300, or Contact my office in February for further instructions.

Selection Criteria: Selection is based on a combination of factors, not solely on
grade point average. All students are encouraged to apply.

How to apply: Click here to download the application; just print it out, complete the form, and mail it to me at the address on the bottom of p. 2 of the application.

For more information about the scholarship program: